This conference will examine the political and cultural significance of Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States, and consider the first 100 days of his administration.

Speakers include: Robert Brigham (Vassar College), Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham/EAWorldview), Diane Negra (University College Dublin), Inderjeet Parmar (City, University of London), Donald E. Pease (Dartmouth College).

Topics may include but are not confined to:  

“Make America Great Again” – American exceptionalism, nostalgia

“America First” – foreign policy and diplomacy

“Protect our borders” – immigration and terrorism

“Drain the swamp” – Washington elites, lobbying and corruption

A historic movement” – white nationalism, identity politics, protest

“American carnage” – dystopian visions of the US, narratives of decline

“Crime and gangs and guns” – race and the cities, gun violence, civic anxiety

“Fake news” – politics in the new media age, post-truth, alternative facts

“I have great respect for women” – gender and politics, misogyny, civility

“I am very rich” – inequality, wealth, class

I’ll be so presidential” – celebrity, reality tv, satire

Bing, bing, bong, bong” – Trump’s language, rhetoric

Buy American and hire American” – trade, protectionism

“Brexit’s a great thing” – transatlantic relations, populism, ethnonationalism


We welcome individual papers but also proposals for panels, workshops or alternative sessions for presentation and discussion. Please send a brief CV and summary proposal (300 words max.) by 10th March 2017 to Prof. Liam Kennedy at