The geography of noir has frequently changed after its “classical” period  (1941 The Maltese Falcon – 1958 Touch of Evil), both coming to include  crime literature, TV series, social drama, and new media in its sphere, and welcoming such controversial issues as gender, ethnicity, and trauma among its themes. We invite scholars in all fields of Angloamerican studies to send proposals about noir as genre, sub- (or sur-) genre, or stylistic mode; about noir writers and film directors of the past and the present; about the new directions of crime fiction(s) regarding LGBT; about the ways noir has (or has not) interfaced with chaos theory, complexity, and fractal geometry; about the connections between noir and politics; about the representation(s) of evil in contemporary literature and the media; and about noir and the American Canon.

Authors are kindly requested to register in the journal site and to follow all the instructions in the “Authors’ guide” when uploading their papers. As usual, submissions (about 5000-6000 words) will be double-blind peer-reviewed.
The deadline for their submission is 15 July 2017