Stefano Morello

Ph.D. Candidate

Academic Affiliation

The Graduate Center, City University of New York


Stefano Morello is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY. His academic interests include American Studies, pop culture, poetics, and archive theory. His dissertation, “Let’s Make a Scene! East Bay Punk and Subcultural Worlding,” explores the heterotopic space of the East-Bay punk scene, its modes of resistance and (dis-)association, and the clashes between its politics and aesthetics. He serves as co-chair of the Graduate Forum of the Italian Association for American Studies (AISNA) and is a founding editor of its journal, JAm It! (Journal of American Studies in Italy). As a digital humanist, Stefano focuses on archival practices, with a knack for archival pedagogy and public facing initiatives. He created the East Bay Punk Digital Archive, an open access archive of East Bay zines, and co-curated “The Lung Block: A New York City Slum and Its Forgotten Italian Immigrant Community,” an exhibition based on his yet unpublished M.A. dissertation.

Selected Publications

“On Jamming: ‘Study’ and the Unstudied” In JAm It! N. 1 (2019): 4-9.
“Like Mother Like Daughter, Like Father Like Son. The Spell of Age in The O.C.” In Comparative Studies in Modernism N. 11 (2018): 121-136.