Our History

AISNA (Associazione Italiana di Studi Nord-Americani) is the American Studies Association of Italy, founded in 1973. Since its foundation, it has brought together scholars, students, and professionals inside and outside academia interested in the history, literature and culture of the United States.

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AISNA begins its activities in 1973. It publishes a journal, RSA (Rivista di Studi Americani), established in 1981; the first issue of the new series, RSA Journal, came out in 1990. From 2006-2007 the journal accepts contributions by both members and non-members. Starting in 2005, AISNA has also added to its previous activities the organization of a yearly a number of Interdisciplinary Seminar of American Studies in collaboration with Centro di Studi Americani in Rome and the Fulbright Commission.

The seminar is addressed to advanced undergraduate and graduate students from all over Italy and is aimed at providing them with opportunities for exchange and debate with renowned national and international scholars, as well as among themselves. Over the last few years, AISNA and Centro di Studi Americani have also jointly organized a number of Seminars on “State of the Art in American Studies,” during which prominent American Studies scholars from the United States have lectured to and debated with Italian graduate students and younger faculty.

The Journal’s policy changed in 2006-2007, accepting contributions by both members and non-members. In 2009 AISNA launched the AISNA Graduate Forum, a network of early career scholars in American Studies affiliated with the association. AISNA is a member of EAAS, the European Association of American Studies, and of IASA, the International American Studies Association. Its archives are held at the Centro di Studi Americani in Rome.