AISNA welcomes new members from Italy and from all over the world. Members can be scholars, teachers, graduate students, or individuals with a proven scholarly or professional interest in North American literature, history, society, and culture.


AISNA membership is for a calendar year and includes the following:

  • the right to vote in the Association annual assembly
  • membership in the European Association for American Studies (EAAS) and the International American Studies Association (IASA)
  • subscription to the official journal of the Association (RSAJournal)


  • reduced fee for participation in the AISNA Biennial International Conference
  • reduced fee for CSA (Centro Studi Americani) membership
  • subscription to the e-mailing list circulated by the AISNA secretary

Membership Application

To become an AISNA member, please send the application form with your CV to the Secretary.

Please, make sure that your CV highlights your scholarly or professional interest in American Studies, Letters of introduction by distinguished scholars or members of the Association will also be considered by the Board.

Prospective AISNA members are required to pay their dues only AFTER their application has been approved by the Board.

The yearly membership fee is €70.

The membership fee for non-tenured members and members who are not employed on a permanent basis in any sector outside academia (i.e. education, journalism, publishing, translation, etc.) is €35 per calendar year.

Double Membership AISNA/ CSA

AISNA members are also offered a special discount to become members of the CSA (Centro Studi Americani in Rome).

Such membership provides access to the CSA library and online resources.

Double membership is €100 per calendar year: €70 AISNA + €30 CSA. (Ordinary fee for CSA membership would be €150 per calendar year). Please specify this option in the payment description.

Payment Methods

  • Bonifico bancario

Intestatario: AISNA
Banca Carifermo – Filiale 62 Roma – Prati
IBAN: IT 84 H 06150 03202 CC0620086819

Nella causale indicare l’anno o gli anni a cui il pagamento della quota/e si riferisce e l’iscrizione al CSA nel caso si scelga questa opzione (pagando 30 euro in aggiunta alla quota della membership).
Per comunicare l’avvenuto versamento, inviare un messaggio e-mail alla tesoriera, Cristina Iuli (

The safest and quickest payment method is by bank transfer. AISNA account data:

Name of the Bank Carifermo. Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo

Name of the Branch (of the account) 62 Roma Prati

Address of the Bank and Tel. # Via dei Gracchi, 22 – 00192 Roma Tel. 0039-06-320-1041

IBAN: IT 84 H 06150 03202 CC0620086819


Account number at your Bank (different from IBAN) 062-330-0086819


Name of the Account holder AISNA. Associazione Italiana di Studi Nord-Americani

Address of the Account Holder Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32 – 00186 Roma – ITALY

To notify your payment, please write to the AISNA treasurer, Cristina Iuli.