PhD in Literary, Linguistic and Comparative Studies

Graduate Conference 2016

Keynote speaker: Edgar Radtke

 The second edition of the Graduate Conference of the PhD in Literary, Linguistics and Comparative Studies will be devoted to investigating the concept of limen in its various meanings: limen as threshold, textual and meta-textual margin; limen as border, boundary; limen as extreme limit; limen as in-betweenness, the threshold of consciousness and perception. You can refer to limen as what defines, separates, combines, allows the crossing and contamination, the identification or differentiation. It can be fixed, variable, incorporated or invented and is understood as an object in its literal meaning or as a metaphorical concept. The organizing committee is pleased to welcome scholars from different disciplines to address the topic of fringe forms and border speeches from traditional or unusual perspectives, in order to offer a comprehensive analysis of this multilayered concept with ambivalent meanings. The concept of limen can then be related to all forms of marginalization in literature, linguistics and the arts, according to a literary, critical, linguistic, philological, semiotic, anthropological, medial approach. The committee will accept proposals which analyze the theme along an interdisciplinary trajectory, highlighting the arbitrariness of each label. Looking forward to further proposals, some of the key topics that will be the focus of the conference are listed below: I) TEXTUAL CROSSINGS -Comments, glosses, annotations -Notes -Re-writings -Critiques and interpretations -Translations

I) TEXTUAL CROSSINGS -Comments, glosses, annotations -Notes -Re-writings -Critiques and interpretations -Translations

II) BOUNDARIES BETWEEN ART AND CULTURE -Border and hybrid identities as topics -Culture, literature, arts, cinema and authors on the edge -Movements and dialogues between different cultural and artistic expressions -Theater as boundary form, shape and space

III) LINGUISTIC MARGINALITY -Linguistic contamination and language contacts -Marginal aspects on all linguistic levels -Marked and /or atypical forms -Dialects, interlanguages, pidgins, creole languages


ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS PhD candidates and early-career researchers interested in taking part to the Graduate Conference should send an outline (400 words max., excluding title and possible bibliography from word count) to by May 10, 2016. Applications should include the following: personal information (name, surname, e-mail address, institutional affiliation), thematic area, presentation type. Please, submit all electronic application materials as a single PDF or DOC file. Applicants may participate with a 15-minute paper or with a poster (118 x 165 cm max., printed on a lucid or opaque board). In the opening of the posters-dedicated session, each poster creator will give a 3-minute talk on his or her project and invite conference-goers to directly question him or her. The duration of this session will be defined according to the total number of poster presentations. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by July 10, 2016. All the speakers will be invited to send their talk by December 31, 2016, for the publication of the conference proceedings, edited by the Organizing Committee and by the PhD Scientific Committee.

All expenses will be covered by participants. Further information (conference venues, accommodations, social dinner) are available on the conference page conference.html Questions about the conference are welcome and may be directed to the email address below. Official languages: Italian and English. Contacts:

Organizing Committee: Margherita De Blasi Giulia Imbriaco Felice Messina Salvatore Orlando Valentina Schettino